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Season Preview: Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have been a model organization for a period spanning nearly three decades. An annual playoff contender, the Packers endured a mild blip and returned again as the leaders of the NFC North. With one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history guiding them, they're looking for another Lombardi Trophy while also setting themselves up for future success.

2019 Season Recap:

2019 was yet another positive year for Green Bay, they beat the Bears in week 1 of the NFL's 100th season and it just set the tone for the entire campaign. Sweeping the NFC North and winning their division for sixth time in nine seasons.

They then went on to beat the Seahawks in the Divisional Round of the playoffs to reach their first NFC Championship game since 2016. However, that's as far as they would go. Blown out by the 49ers for second time in the season after going down 37-20 after a 37-8 beating during the regular season.

Another quality season from the Packers but a more than disappointing finish.

Looking ahead:

Big second season for HC LaFleur:

Matt LaFleur had a near perfect start as head coach, finish his first year in charge with a 13-3 record, an NFC North title and a Championship game appearance. All this coming after people were thinking he wasn't going to be able to work with Aaron Rodgers after the struggles the future hall of game QB had with Mick McCarthy. Instead LaFleur played it smart, laying back and letting Rodgers do his thing on the football field.

At the same time he got Rodgers to give the ball to running back Aaron Jones while Pro Bowl receiver, Davante Adams was battling injury. Leading to Jones having 19 total touchdowns last season. LaFleur appeared to make all the right moves in his first season and got Rodgers back on board but he will need similar success in 2020.

Aaron Rodgers showing hes still one of the best:

Green Bay are building for the future but also want to win now. This was made clear when they drafted Jordan Love 26th to ultimately replace Rodgers, but not for at least a year. Because there is no way Rodgers, a guy who has stated he wants to play into his 40's, is going to sit on the bench after guiding his team to NFC Championship game last season. The Packers know this and are just showing the quality of their organisation, getting prepared early for the loss of one of the greatest ever quarterbacks.

Aaron Rodgers is still at the peak of his powers, having thrown for over 4000 yards last year with 26 touchdowns and just four interceptions. He has thrown just six interceptions in the last two seasons combined and with his talent and the quality of the team around, could easily have another MVP caliber season ahead of him.

Late trade for a receiver or trust in the Adams/Jones duo:

A number of fans and pundits alike were surprised when Green Bay traded up for a QB but made no attempt to pick up a wide receiver to play alongside Davante Adams. However, maybe the Packers believe that the quality of Adams at receiver and Aaron Jones at running back is enough of a threat to compete at the top.

It will be interesting to see the duo playing together next season, as Jones only really stepped up when Adams was struggling with injury. They also have the likes of Allen Lazard, who is definitely capable of stepping up, along with a few other pieces at the receiver position. So, if they choose to make a late move for a receiver it could provide an extra edge to the offense but if they stick with what they we won't be questioning it come the start of the season.

What the Packers must do to have a successful 2020 season:

  • Stick with Aaron Rodgers- The only way Jordan Love should be getting on the field next season is if Green Bay are blowing a team out or they've secured their playoff berth and want him to get some experience. If Green Bay even begin to consider doing what the Giants did to Eli Manning last season with Daniel Jones, it would be fatal to their success next season.

  • Beat San Francisco- This is obviously not the be all and end all but after last season it will definitely be on the minds of the players and the fans.

  • Reach Super Bowl LV- They have a hall of fame quarterback and it's only one more than win they achieved last season.