• ronangaine

Porzingis to the rescue for Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks are well placed to make a push for a top 5 spot in the Western Conference in the second half of the season and they will rely heavily on Luka Doncic to get them there but last night Kristaps Porzingis was the man as Luka struggled and he led the team like a second star should.

The Mavs brought KP to Dallas in 2019 to be the 'Pippen' to Doncic's 'Jordan' but it has been a constant battle to stay healthy and consistent for 'the Unicorn' and there were even rumours in February that the team may look for a trade before the deadline. These rumours were immediately quashed and last night we saw why.

Dallas started slow against Minnesota and were in danger of the game getting away from them in the first as Luka failed to put a single point on the board and the team shooting below 30% from the field but as KAT began to get hot for the T-Wolves, KP heard and answered the call of his team and made some crucial buckets to keep the Mavs in touch. Porzingis eventually dropped 17 first half points and Dallas went in at HT with a one point lead.

It was once again a slow start from the Mavs in the second half as they played out the first four minutes without managing a single point but once again it was Porzingis to the rescue as he dropped 12 third quarter points to all but secure the win heading into the final quarter. KP didn't take to the floor in the fourth quarter but still finished the game with 29 points 9 rebounds 4 assists & 2 blocks in just 28 minutes!

Timberwolves demise:

Porzingis was near impossible to stop on Wednesday night but the game really highlighted the problems facing Minnesota. Once Towns went cold the teams early lead was erased with virtual ease in the first half and after beginning the third quarter with a 7-0 start inside the first four minutes of play, they finished the quarter with just 11 points and were out of the game.

The Timberwolves have a huge amount of work to turn their roster from a dud to a competitor. The only plus for them is that the more they lose the higher chance they have of holding onto their draft pick in 2021 and they really need it!

Yes this may just be a flash in the pan from Porzingis but he did what all 2nd stars are expected to do, carry the mantle when the top dog is off his game, while there will be very few occasions where Luka Doncic has just 5 first half points, when it does happen...

KP needs to be there like he was last night.