• ronangaine

NFL Week 8: What we learned

The Steelers are still unbeaten, Lamar Jackson comes up short again, The Cowboys rollover against Philly and DK Metcalf continues to astound the world.

Another week has come and gone, we have witnessed another week of great NFL action but what did we learn from week 8 of NFL Football?

  • Teams won't need to be at their best to beat the Cowboys for the rest of this season:

Carson Wentz had another day to forget for the Eagles but he still managed to lead his team to a comfortable victory over division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. The Philly QB has been heavily criticized after his teams mixed start to the season, the bonus for the Eagles, they have struggled but still sit atop their division through eight weeks of action with a record of 3-4-1.

Wentz threw two interceptions and the Cowboys also recovered two fumbles but they still could not score a touchdown and didn't manage a single score after half-time. The Cowboys managed to get just 63 rushing yards from Ezekiel Elliot off nine carries and went down with a whimper to make three losses on the trot since losing Dak Prescott.

The impact the loss of a leader like Prescott would have on a team cannot be measured but there appears to be problems throughout every inch of this Dallas teams not just on the field. This Eagles team were there for taking but the Cowboys couldn't capitalize on the mistakes and ultimately paid the price with another defeat. Final Score at Lincoln Financial Field, Eagles 23-9 Cowboys.

The Cowboys have shown their cards and every team will be licking their lips ahead of doing battle with this Cowboys team for the rest of this season unless there is a gigantic turnaround for the Texas boyos.

  • This might just be Pittsburgh's year:

The Steelers have not reached the Super Bowl since losing to the Green Bay Packers at Super Bowl XLV, with their last victory coming two years prior but through eight weeks of football in the 2020 season the Steelers are 7-0 and looking like they have all the credentials needed in a Super Bowl champion.

The Steelers were 4-0 heading into games against The Browns, Titans and the Ravens, not going to lie, I was expecting them to have at least one blemish on their record through week eight but if anything they have come out looking better then ever. They trounced the Browns and then edged fellow contenders Tennessee and Baltimore in the past two weeks.

The Ravens were always likely to be the biggest challenge for Pittsburgh on paper and after the first half on Sunday it was proving true as they were down 17-7 against their divisional rivals but the Steelers showed their class and the importance of having their starting QB back as they flipped the game on its head in the third with two unanswered touchdowns. This Steelers team is resilient, defensively strong and have a two time Super Bowl Champion leading their offence, NFL be warned. Final Score in Baltimore, Ravens 24-28 Steelers.

It has been an incredibly impressive start to the 2020 season for Pittsburgh and with every passing week they look more and more like the team to beat in Super Bowl LV.

  • DK Metcalf is an unstoppable beast:

The Seahawks wide-receiver has been just unbelievable to start the 2020 season and his stat sheet on Sunday showed everything you need to understand the talent of this kid.

Metcalf is 6'4 230 lbs with 6'11 wingspan and the ability to run 40 yards in 4.33 seconds. Nothing about this guy makes sense and his career ceiling continues to get higher with every passing game. No doubt it helps playing with an elite QB in Hall of Fame form like Russell Wilson but DK is his own player, a physical phenomenon and arguably the most exciting player to watch in the league so far this season.

The 22 year old had 12 receptions for 161 yards and two touchdowns to help his team get back to winning ways and improve to a 6-1 record for the season. After his defensive heroics tracking down Budda Baker to save a touchdown, he show his great speed & agility again with a superb catch and run for the Seahawks first td of the game. Final Score in Seattle, Seahawks 37-27 49ers.

Wilson and Metcalf are proving a near unstoppable double act for the Seahawks so far this season and while they still have some defensive weaknesses, the elite offensive output from Russ & DK has Seattle very much in contention.

  • Maybe Lamar Jackson isn't all that:

Lamar Jackson is the reigning NFL MVP but so far in his young NFL career, he has failed to deliver when his team needs him most.

Jackson has been amazing since coming into the league but in the six games when his team has needed him to step up and put them on his back, he has yet to show up. Three defeats to Kansas City, two playoff losses and now defeat to their rivals for top spot in AFC North, Pittsburgh.

Lamar is still just a kid in all honesty at just 23 years old but to be considered one of the best, you have to step up in the big moments, so far not so good in that category for Jackson.

But on the positive side of things, he still has 15 years of NFL action ahead of him so I am not saying he will never be able to step up in the big moments but it comes down to mentality. We all know Lamar Jackson has the talent to compete with anyone in the NFL but the question now is 'does he have the ruthless, winning mentality to become the best?' Remains to be seen.

  • Patriots show the world that having the best player is more important than having the best coach:

The main reason people seemed "okay" about Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots was because they still had the best coach in the NFL, in Bill Belichick but what this season is proving to everyone is that having the elite player leading the team was more important that having the elite coach.

The Patriots have had a lot of setbacks so far this season with injury to key players and positive Covid-19 cases but in past years you would still have expected them to be right up there challenging for a post season berth but not the case this year. They have lost four games on the bounce and are currently on their worse run of form in years but this time they don't have Tom Brady to fall back on.

The main reason the Pats and their fans always felt like they would come out on the right side of adversity was because they had Brady at quarterback, they no longer have that and it looks as though it is going to have the lasting impact it was always likely too.