• ronangaine

Lack of common sense costs the Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks were handed a huge blow in their first playoff game for 3 years as star forward, Kristaps Porzingis was ejected from the game after picking up 2 technical fouls. In most cases you would say the blame lies with the player in this situation but in this case you have to take a look at the referees.

Rules are rules and the referees are there to enforce them, but this is playoff basketball, emotions are running high. Punching the air after a call goes against you and then immediately dropping it, should not be a technical foul. While ill respect the referees for their consistency having made the same call on Paul George earlier in the game, it still doesn't make it right. Once its just one moment of anger and it doesn't escalate to anything further, there should be no added punishment.

As for the second technical, there was a bit more substance to the call but when you actually watch it back there was nothing of any real substance. He stepped in to stand up for his teammate, a couple of shoves and it was done. Of course he was coming in as a third party but he didn't really escalate things. While the referees were correct to make the call, I believe they should have had the know how and experience to let at least one of them slide. Nobody likes seeing players get ejected and especially not for two measly technical's like Porzingis.

I hope that something like this will prompt the NBA or even just the refs themselves to take some extra thinking time before making calls in the future. This are big moments in games and can turn series, Dallas were five points up when KP was ejected and ultimately lost the game but it is still early in the series and hopefully we will see the impact for the Mavericks of having their dynamite duo for the full 48 minutes in game two on Wednesday.

While Porzingis' ejection no doubt had a huge impact on the final outcome, you can take nothing away from the clutch performances of Paul George (27 points) and Kawhi Leonard (29 p,12 r & 6 a). The two all-stars that arrived in L.A last summer showed that they are a step above with their excellent scoring in game 1.

Despite going down 118-110 and committing ten turnovers during the game it was still a very impressive playoff debut from Luka Doncic. He finished the game with 42 points, 7 rebounds & 9 assists, despite early struggles and an injury scare.

It is going to be an exciting series which continues with GAME 2 on Wednesday. Don't sleep on DALLAS!