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How far can the Packers go in 2020

The Green Bay Packers claimed their seventh NFC North title with Aaron Rodgers as starting quarterback and second on the bounce thanks to their 31-24 win over Detroit on Sunday evening, with their post-season place now secure we take a look at just how far this Green Bay side is capable of going in 2020.

Packers 2020 season so far:

  • NFC North Champions

  • 10-3 record

  • Averaging 31.5 PPG

  • 2nd best offense in NFL

The Packers are always going to be a challenger while they have Aaron Rodgers pulling the offensive strings and this season the minimum you can say about the boys from Green Bay is that they are a really fun team to watch.

The Packers have all the offensive talent you could want: one of the greatest QB's of all time, an elite wide receiver and a pro bowl level running back. Every weekend the Packers are first choice for broadcasters because they are a box office team and at the end of the day sport is all about entertainment. Packers games are averaging 56 points per so far this season with Green Bay alone averaging 31.5 PPG and 34.7 points per win.

Elite offense the key in 2020:

Offensive prowess has been the key to success for Green Bay so far this season and through 14 weeks of action they have the 2nd most productive offense in the NFL:

  • 274 passing yards per game

  • 124 rushing yards per game

  • Total of 5,169 offensive yards

The Packers dominate their opponents with their patent, three ponged offense centered around Rodgers, Jones and Adams.

Aaron Jones in 2020:

The 26 year old running back has been awesome so far this season, even in an offense centered around passing. Jones has 7 rushing touchdowns and 2 receiving so far while averaging over 5 yards a carry & 7.5 yards a reception.

Jones is the sixth most productive running back in the NFL and having led the league in rushing touchdowns in 2019, he is showing no signs of slowing down in 2020.

Davante Adams in 2020:

Adams is the 'self proclaimed' best receiver in the NFL and his cocky nature has certainly been backed up on the field this season. Adams has 14 touchdowns (tied most in NFL), is averaging 12.6 yards a carry and 104 yards a game. 14 clear of second place DK Metcalf despite having missed two games this season.

Adams is the most productive receiver in the league so far this season and after struggling in 2019, he seems determined to help lead his team to glory in 2020.

Aaron Rodgers in 2020:

Aaron Rodgers has already established himself as a certified hall of famer but the 37 year old continues to impress and astound year on year. Rodgers has 39 touchdowns so far this season (3 more than any other QB) with just 4 interceptions and a pass completion rate of near 70%. If Adams is indeed the best, its because of Aaron Rodgers.

In his 16th season in the league, Rodgers is right up there in the race for MVP, his side is headed for the playoffs with games to spare and he is sitting atop the QB rankings with a rating of 84.8, without doubt one of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL today.

Green Bay are the only team in the league to have a running back, receiver & quarterback in the top six in productive in 2020 so their high scoring comes as no surprise.


Having returned to playoff action after a two year hiatus last season, the Packers look a more well rounded and talented team, even though they were just one game shy of a Super Bowl appearance last year. Matt LaFleur has made this team his own and has built up a great relationship with Aaron Rodgers which is evident every time the Packers take to the field.

As we saw in last years Super Bowl, elite offense always beats elite defence. The combination of capable defence and elite offense is the key to glory in today's NFL. The Packers rank 2nd in offense but 18th in defence, although this is a misleading stat as the Green Bay defence is usually able to take it handy due to Rodgers and the offense building up such huge leads. Backs against the wall this Packers defence can and will step.

Aaron Rodgers deserves at least one more shot at winning a second Super Bowl ring before his illustrious career comes to an end and 10 years on from his first triumph, I believe 2020 is the year.

Season Prediction for the Packers: NFC Champions